"If You're One Of The Millions Of Loving Parents With Deep Concerns About Your Child's Health And Frustrated With Your Current Health Approach Then Please Hear This … There is Absolutely No Need To "Cure" Childhood Sickness With Drastic Measures There Are Safe Options Available …"

Dear Moms/Mums — and Dads! —

Are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same result?


Or are you unable to make a safe health decision because you're confused about what you are being told about your own or your child's health?

If you are a parent in this situation then welcome to Vital Moms, where we uncover the truth about health approaches and empower you with choice, teaching you to be confident in making health decisions for yourself and your children — keeping them safe and keeping you calm! After all you know yourself and your children better than anyone.

Before we go any further, let me ask you a few quick questions …

Well, if you've said "Yes" to any or all of these questions, I've got GREAT news for you — you are in the right place, right now to discover the Vital Mom simple yet unique and POWERFUL health approach.

My name is Dr Sarah Farrant DC, and I took what was an adverse situation and turned it into a unique and evolutionary way to educate moms (and a few very smart dads!) about health.

Let me tell you how this happened.

Three days before my 43rd birthday, my life changed.

I was at home on the phone and in walked our nanny. She'd arrived home with two of our three children. Our eldest was at home with me, laying asleep in our bed, with a health expression he had created for himself a few days prior. I was on the phone interviewing a new person for a different position in my company.

I sensed that something was up; not quite right. I got up and walked towards her, muting the phone and called out "is everything okay?"

It was like a tiger being let out of a cage …

I walked closer to our bedroom where she was standing and our eldest was laying. I noticed she'd pulled the bed sheets off him, waking him up.

She began yelling, "I can't believe he has water bottles in the bed with him and he is as hot as anything!" I pointed out to her that he is in my bed and the water bottles were for me from the night before and they are cold. She proceeded to the freezer to get out something frozen to place on his forehead.

He looked at me with a confused, puzzled look having never at the age of eight had anything like this before. I stood frozen, paralyzed, wondering what was going on.

She turned on me again and pointed at my middle boy who stood over near the couch looking at me with terrified eyes and yelled, "Do you know he has a temperature?"

"And?" I said.

She continued, finishing with the one line that I knew was about to change my world …

"I have no choice but to call Child Services"

And then she promptly left.

My vacant stare must have said it all. This lady had been in our employ for two years taking care of our children. She also knew our approach to health; no drugs, no medications, no medical intervention. Our kids were all born at home and are non-medicated. They have been educated for years about the power of their body, health expressions and their own healing abilities and that whatever they create for themselves is an opportunity to grow.

My husband and I live in a vitalistic health approach which, we have done for decades. We acknowledge we are self-healing, self-regulating organisms and constantly adapt to our environment. All three of our kids are educated this way. They are taught that what they create brings with it opportunities to ask different questions and do life differently.

At 1:00 pm the phone call came through. Child Services had phoned my husband informing us that we were on a critical child list because we were "denying children the right to medical treatment". We informed Child Services that as health professionals we serve vast numbers of children in this particular situation — that in fact parents bring their children to us to adjust rather than choosing to medicate. We informed them that our children DID NOT have temperatures, despite what the nanny had told them.

According to Child Services, our only option to clear our name was to take our children to a medical doctor to verify that they in fact did not have temperatures. The nanny had told the authorities our middle boy had a temperature of 39.7°C (103.49°F); she told me it was 38.7°C (101.66°F).

All of a sudden our right to choose what health approach we wanted for ourselves and our children was being threatened.

So off we went ready to have our first experience at a medical doctor's office.

Eventually it was our turn. The medical doctor took their temperatures and, no surprise to us, the kids' temperatures were NORMAL … 38°C (100.4°F), 37.2°C (98.96°F), 36.8°C (98.24°F). We assumed it was all over.

Eventually we got in contact with the Child Services lady assigned to our family who said, "Yes, this appears to be an unsubstantiated allegation and we're going to close it."

My husband phoned me at the practice, and speaking through the tears of joy he told me, "They called and they have closed the allegation". I cried with him. We celebrated with the kids that night. We all went to bed relieved and exhausted. However it took another seven weeks and a "routine visit" to our home for them to close the case.

This situation has fuelled a fire. I am a dedicated mother and health professional shouting from the roof tops that all responsible parents HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT HEALTH APPROACH THEY WANT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN.

So now I am making available to individuals and moms (and a few very smart dads!) a central place where smart health choices can be made for yourself and your children and I've called it Vital Moms.

It's time isn't it — I mean, if not now, then when will be a good time?

Now, this is a question I'm often asked:

"Sarah, how do you do it? How do you keep your children healthy, away from medications and confident in their body's ability heal? How can I do that too?"

Wouldn't it be brilliant if I had a "one-size-fits-all, grab-and-go" kind of health answer for you? I wish I did because I'd bottle it and give it to you! But I don't.

I don't because there are SO MANY factors to consider when discussing health concerns. The good news is Vital Moms has laid out a sure-fire way to set you on the path to keeping your children healthy, away from medications and confident in their body's ability to heal.

And, it's easy when you know HOW to — and how NOT to — do certain things AND it's easy when you know WHY you are choosing to approach health in a certain way … that's a key.

There are so many pieces of the health puzzle that come into play in any one health challenge. Vital Moms provides you with intelligent, researched and factual information to help you make smart health choices for your family!

These moving pieces can make — or break — your health choice depending on how strong your WHY and HOW is.

Well: "Great News" and "It's About Time"!

After 25+ years of health industry experience, speaking internationally, writing AND after working with thousands of families around the world, I've put together vital information and education for you to learn HOW to choose the safest and most cost-effective way to optimal health for yourself and your children.

At Vital Moms you'll:

Learn what the smartest health choice for your family will be in any given situation.
Discover the different health approaches for each condition that you may not have considered before.
Learn to approach health in a way that brings different results.
Be confident in the decisions you make , understanding WHY you make them!
Be able to communicate the health approaches to your children and family in a way they'll understand.
Stay healthy in the long term!
Be health aware, keeping your children safe and keeping you calm!

I've broken down each health challenge ("sickness") into three approaches and distinguished really CLEARLY…

Let's be honest — every time you or your children have an ear ache, colic, stomach upset, a fall, headache, wet bed, rash, constipation, allergies, cough, sinus congestion, an ache or an emotional response to a situation, YOU will respond to your own or your children's needs according to your beliefs about health.

At Vital Moms you'll discover the three separate and distinct approaches to health and learn to weigh up which is right for you and your family in any situation. Most people don't ever have the opportunity to understand these, and therefore miss the opportunity to make wise choices.

My question to you is, "Are you approaching your own and your children's health in the way that was taught to you? If so, how's that working out for you?" Hmm — good question!

Are you ready to change the way you view health?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You take your children to "someone" to get "something" for a health challenge and nothing changes.
You're frustrated, anxious and often worried about what your child has.
You feel disheartened and wonder if you're ever going to get off the treatment merry-go-round.
You're at your wits' end about how you're going to get your family members to understand the different health choices you are making.
You give away your power to others who YOU feel are more educated than you about your child's health and your own!
Every time you or your children have a health challenge you attempt to share your knowledge with the health professional and it falls on deaf ears, leaving you feeling small and dismissed.
You're unsure of what questions to ask or worse … unsure of what to say OR whether to say anything at all!
When your child has a health challenge you're often lost or stuck for words about what is happening.
You spend so much time searching for an answer and little time on seeing what is really happening.

Well if any — OR ALL — of this rings true for you, then I have a great opportunity for you.

I'm inviting you to join me and be part of Vital Moms – The #1 place for Smart Health Choices for Your Family!

As a member of Vital Moms you will have access to hard-to-find resources including:

HOW to incorporate the various health approaches into your family's health
HOW to identify drugs for your particular health challenge and their KNOWN side effects
HOW to feel more comfortable, assertive and confident with the health approach you choose
The different health approaches for different health challenges
Health choice … for the first time you will be able to choose your health approach
Subtle health secrets NOT shared by anybody in the health industry
HOW to have conversations with your kids about health and healing so they get it!
When to choose a particular health approach

The VITAL MOMS approach will enable you to BE and STAY healthy.

For example, do you know:

I'm SO excited for you.

If I'd had these sorts of distinctions, these kinds of clear tips and steps to take — AND to avoid — laid out for me when I was beginning 25+ years ago to ask different questions about health, WOW, what a difference it would have made.

I'd have saved myself LOADS of time, worry and distress.

Be Proactive In Your Child's Health

The good news is that now I'm CRYSTAL clear about WHY various health approaches work, HOW they work, WHAT they work best with, WHEN they work AND WHERE they work. I'm also CRYSTAL clear on what health approaches to AVOID WHEN and WHY.

AND NOW … you can learn these health approaches that NO ONE is speaking about, and use them immediately.

These subtle and yet hugely powerful secrets to:

How do I know all this? Well, to be honest:

It's taken me 25+ years of research, reading and approaching health differently.
At the age of 7 I first discovered the healing power of my body when my father told me "Sarah you have all the answers inside of you. All you have to do is ask the question and TRUST your answer."
The Allopathic world of health made little sense to me as a child despite a family lineage of medical doctors … I'm the odd one in the family!
I've invested thousands (actually tens of thousands) in understanding health and where it comes from.
Everything I teach on I have either done myself or am doing, and;
I've worked closely with individuals and families one-to-one to identify the biggest leap they must make to embrace a different way to look at health.

It's taken all that to discover and clearly identify what works, why it works AND how it works.

"That's all well and good, Dr Sarah. So what?" you might be saying.

Well it's not about the courses, my credentials, the learning and all the "stuff" that qualifies me to be the "Mentor to Moms"; what really qualifies me is I've been in your shoes. I've "walked the walk" AND tripped up and been confused, frustrated and really upset along the way.

I've boiled it all down and made health really simple to understand and easy for you to have — all the health tips, alerts, condition insights, health expression list, different approaches — to use straight away.

That's where the Vital Moms Membership comes in and fits together easily for you.

BUT … don't take my word for it: listen and read what others (including our very smart dads!) are saying about the HUGE difference that knowing the Vital Moms way makes to their own and their family's health:


"Vital Moms provides needed resources, education and support for parents"

"Vital Moms is what Mums have been crying out for – a place where they can go for information, education, resources and support when making responsible and smart health choices for their families. Now, more than ever we, as parents, are starting to question the health choices available to us. Many parents often feel they have no alternative to the allopathic approach to health. This leaves parents vulnerable and with scattered information, support and often resistance should they wish to investigate different ways to health.

Vital Moms provides a much needed resource and support for parents. For many families, different health information and support is not so easy to come by, which is why communities, such as the one being built at Vital Moms, are so important. Dr Sarah Farrant has been a source of inspiration for my family and, I know, for many others."
Donna Moritz


"Valuable information to make informed decisions"

"Dr Sarah Farrant is the real deal. She's committed to you knowing the truth about your and your family's health and provides you with valuable information to make informed decisions. Sarah certainly walks her own talk! She's full of energy and vitality and is a true pioneer in the health industry. I'm certainly clearer about my health options. Thank you Sarah for your no-nonsense, "tell it like it is" message about health."
Kay White
Savvy, Influential Communication Expert


"Want to achieve unlimited health NOW? Then there are two things you need...yourself and Dr Sarah!"

"Dr Sarah unveils in great clarity the most wondrous secret of the human body; it's incredible ability to heal itself. With Dr Sarah you receive an appreciation for and a greater understanding of true well being and how to operate at your optimum level. If you want to discover how you can achieve unlimited health NOW then there are only two things you need; yourself and Dr Sarah!"
Rachael Bermingham
Author, Speaker, Co-host TV show 4 Ingredient


"Dr Sarah makes the truth about health easy to understand…"

"We have invited Dr Sarah to contribute to our magazine and present at our conferences because her message of health is unique, pioneering and insightful. During these times when established health approaches are caving in and people are switching, on mass, to other health professions people are looking to understand the truth about health. Dr Sarah makes the truth easy to understand for all health professionals but most of all for the people we serve. Her presentation style is energetic and captivating! Thank you Dr Sarah for the contribution you have made to our community."
Dr Jeanne Ohm, DC
Executive Coordinator of the ICPA


"Dr Sarah is not afraid to be controversial…"

"Dr Sarah is not afraid to be controversial in her quest for truth. Her 25 years of experience in the health industry backs up her methods of education regarding the way we express health. You cannot listen to her and expect NOT to be changed."
Dr Guy Riekeman, DC
President Life University, Atlanta, Georgia

There is hunger and demand for a GENUINE, TRUTHFUL HEALTH approach.

We live in a pivotal moment in history for parents who are empowering themselves with other ways to approach health when it comes to choosing to sit outside of the allopathic approach and arm themselves with knowledge and choice in order to keep their child safe.

Did you know ...

A study done by Dr Eisenberg in the early 1990s demonstrated for the first time in history there were more visits to alternative health professionals than there were to all the mainstream medical (allopathic) doctors and specialist combined … and as a Vital Mom you get access to what the #1 choice was!

Actually, there were approximately 38 million more visits to alternative health professionals than to the medical "establishment."

More recently, in 1997 the same study was repeated with even more stark (if unsurprising) results.

In the US there were 629 million visits to alternative health professionals and only 386 million visits to primary care medical doctors — NEARLY TWICE AS MANY VISITS!

Mass exodus … WHY and WHERE are they going?

Well one place is to Vital Moms for reliable information to approach health differently.


"My members raved about your clear and concise method of teaching …"

Dr Sarah Farrant, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your passion and wellness message with our members. I loved all your stories and how you live vitalism out in your personal life. You are simply amazing! My members raved about your clear and concise method of teaching. I'm positive it moved them closer to being lifetime practice members! Anytime you're in town, please give me a call and I would love you to present your message again!
Dr. Bruce Wong
Founder of Lifetime Family Wellness Centers
Hawaii, USA

When you become a member at Vital Moms we give you complete access to ALL the information on our website. You will have access to information that most won't have seen before. You will be educated on the three approaches to health, one of which is the WORLD'S LARGEST health profession using NO DRUGS OR SURGERY!

This health approach has enabled millions of mothers just like you, and children, to function at their best, reach optimum health and wellness and keep the drugs and surgery at bay.

Here is a snippet of what you'll receive as a Vital Moms member.

You'll ...

Plus much more …


"...you have health choices available to you"

"Vital Moms is a wealth of information! It's a way to educate yourself, to let you know you have health choices available to you. With Vital Moms you can take proactive action and decide on the type of health care not only for yourself but, very importantly, for your children. Pay attention to what Dr Sarah has to say because I believe she is doing a huge service to our world. Thanks!"
Karin Volo

Vital Moms stands independent, TRUTHFUL and unique in thought and health approach...

You will learn how ...

To see beyond the challenge, beyond the disease, beyond the concerns and begin to see the healing, the hope and the life-changing moment.
The body heals in various ways — physically, chemically and emotionally
Health concerns are broken down into three health approaches ALL with different interpretations.
To take out the confusion, giving you greater clarity and understanding
These cost effective measures save your family from stepping onto the treatment merry-go-round which is difficult to get off!
To function at your best saving you in dollars, time, energy and productivity in your life.

When you weigh up all the medical bills, insurance costs, costs off work because you or your child are sick you'll begin to see how much money is saved because you decided to be a Vital Mom!

Vital Moms gives you piece of mind with our unique interpretation of "sickness and illness"

Vital Moms gives you a unique interpretation of your health concern NEVER before laid out in the Vital Moms unique way.

You will have access to information on 40+ health challenges immediately when you join Vital Moms, with more added regularly. These are inexpensive ways to assist you and your children to find other ways to health, bypassing the treatment merry-go-round!

Take a look at just some of the health challenges you'll be able to dig deeper into when you become a member of Vital Moms ...

Aches and Pains Congestion Food Poisoning Nose Bleeds Worms
Acne Conjunctivitis Fungal Infections Pain Vomiting
Anxiety Constipation Gas (Flatulence) Pneumonia
Asthma Cough Headaches Rash  
Bed Wetting Croup Indigestion Reflux (Acid)  
Bites & Stings Cuts Infection Seizures  
Bruise Diaper Rash (Nappy) Insomnia Sore Throat  
Burns Diarrhera Jaundice Stye in Eye
Cold & Flu Ear Infections Morning Sickness Sunburn  
Colic Fevers Nausea Tonsillitis  

Plus many more …

YOUR exclusive Vital Moms membership area is divided into the three health approaches per health concern (allopathic, alternative and alternate) all designed in such a way to give you choice!

You can browse the health concern section according to age group and the most common health challenges affecting them: "infant", "toddler", "children", "tween", teenager", "adult" and the "elderly". This makes searching for what you want faster!

A lot of what is shared are inexpensive ways to approach your health.

Just think:

You'll ALWAYS have ALL three health approaches at your fingertips to use when you want to AND you'll avoid wasting your precious time, money and energy on misunderstandings, confusion and being upset, because now you have CHOICE.

If you've heard enough already and know this is for you, Join Us Now!

Here's the HOW and the WHAT for you:

Benefit from your Vital Moms Privileges!

You'll have access to:

The Vital Health Expression List where different health challenges are broken down into the three health approaches giving you choice and keeping your kids safe (This is AWESOME!)
Community conversations where you can share with other Vital Moms in your suburb to support each other ... virtual or for real!
Vital Health Alerts to keep you abreast of all the latest health concerns and of course how to place the Vital Moms' spin on it!
Access to the Vital Moms Health Professional Directory to locate a Vital Moms health professional in your area.
Free entry to Vital Health Tour public education seminars (see Vital Moms Media)
Vital Moms Cinema, giving you access to movies and documentaries to help keep you educated, informed and up to date on the latest in health movements.
Vital Online Health Classes where you will have priority access to these virtual events ... YOUR questions will be prioritised over others.
Vital Products for ongoing education for yourself and your family. You will be alerted as new ones are available.
Vital Reports enabling you to dive deeper into a specific health concern.

OH, and YES, I've got some Super-Duper BONUSES for you IF you're ready to take action NOW.  If you're ready and you know this is exactly what you've been waiting for then "Buckle Up and Prepare for Take Off".

These are valuable bonuses written, spoken and designed-by-me! All tried, tested and proven to assist you greatly in this Vital Moms health journey.

My award winning and global selling book The Vital Truth®: Accessing the possibilities of unlimited health will be in your hands before you know it! A 192-page book instantly downloaded and packed with information that will help to improve your health!

This book will help YOU:


"changed my mindset about my personal health and wellness"

"Dr Sarah Farrant is the brave voice of reason that answers the fearful and frustrating question 'Why am I always sick?' Once she explained to me that my body is not 'sick' and that it is experiencing a 'health expression' it changed my mindset about my personal health and wellness. Dr Farrant's practical understanding of how to live is a brilliant model for every man, woman and child. Treat yourself by to getting to know this pioneer of pure health."
Stacey Canfield
Founder of Soul Sitters

Bonus 2, "The Truth About Health Choice … what your doctor isn't telling you!" In this valuable, EYE OPENING, straight to the point, 36-page health report you'll:


"Dr Sarah fills a void in the world with her teachings and support for moms who want to take a different route…"

"After dealing with health challenges in the past that kept me from living a full life, I came to believe in the body's amazing power to heal itself. So when my daughter was born, we wanted to teach her the same thing. However, we had a hard time finding a health professional that was in alignment with our beliefs. Dr Sarah fills a void in the world with her teachings and support for moms who want to take a different route. I'm grateful she stepped out of the norm and took a stand so that I can do the same for the health of my daughter!"
Lisa Cherney
President & CEO

Bonus 3, Vital Moms has joined with Dr Michelle Nielson from Master Manifestors to bring you a state of the art meditation titled "The Turkish Bath Experience." Your relaxation, rejuvenation and time out begins AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER to become a Vital Mom!

You'll get this 20+ minute BONUS mediation sent straight to your inbox within 24 hours of registration. This is a time efficient way to restore your energy levels, give back to yourself and receive the pampering you deserve and all from the comfort of your own home.

This meditation is a state of the art guided experience using the most advanced auditory equipment.

During this meditation you'll:

So, there you have it: the Vital Moms Membership and bonuses where I will take you through the subtle and powerful ways to see health in a different way so you save yourself precious time, money AND energy as you go about creating your health and everyday life!

AND I promise you that if you engage, understand and use these different ways to interpret what might be "up" with your own health and your child's health you'll dramatically CHANGE your health and your child's health in the process.

Are you ready for that?

Yes! I'm ready to approach my own and my child's health differently!

So, to lay it all out really simply for you:

For a FOUNDING MEMBERSHIP of $197 (normally $267) I understand I'm getting:

The Vital Health Expression List where different health challenges are broken down into the three health approaches giving you choice and keeping your kids safe (this alone is worth the investment!)
Access to the Vital Moms Exclusive Online Support Forum where community conversations flow to help keep you focused on learning this new way to approach your own and your family's health.
Vital Health Alerts for a quick vital snippet of health information said in a different way to keep you on track with the vital moms approach to health.
Vital Health Professional Directory so you can quickly locate a health professional supporting the Vital Moms' message in your community.
Free entry to The Vital Health Tour public education presentations — these are invaluable LIVE presentations given around the world.
Vital Moms Cinema, giving you access to movies and documentaries to help keep you educated, informed and up to date on the latest in health movements.
Vital Online Health Training where you, as a member, will have priority access!

PLUS my FREE BONUSES to the value of $98.97:


We're confident that you'll be thrilled with your Vital Moms Membership. If you use the educational resources available to you and practice the health approaches shared, you will begin to see and integrate into your own life and your family's a new way to look at health and healing. I know it works and so do others who have worked with me.

Just to back this up, if you're not thrilled by the end of your first month simply let us know before the next month begins and we'll refund your entire investment (less a 10% reversal fee). No questions asked, no explanation needed!

Isn't it time you discovered HOW to approach your own and your family's health differently?

Right NOW is a good time!

Health and vitality,

Dr Sarah Farrant
Founder and CEO VitalMoms.com

P.S. Let me be honest here. As a mom what really matters to me is that you MAKE A DECISION. Don't leave this page with another thing to "think" about as moms that is not what we need. Nothing will keep you from your health faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, join now and have immediate access to all the Vital Moms privileges and begin to approach your own and your child's health in a different way.

P.P.S. Remember, you ALSO get the additional $98.97 worth of bonuses too! So take advantage of this while you can still get it at the founding member investment — invest in yourself TODAY!


"Dr Sarah gave me what I call an Aha!"

"I constantly refer to my notes and Dr Sarah's book The Vital Truth to help me understand health and wellbeing on a grand scale. I've been speaking about health for the past twenty years but Dr Sarah gave me what I call an "Aha!" — a simple message, a different way of saying it and all I had to do was connect the dots and everything fell into place; a new understanding was the result. I've listened to many speakers throughout my life but there are very few that give me that "Aha!" Sarah has a quality about her when she speaks which engages you into a world of calm, but at the same time an urgency to take action. It takes a special talent to do that!"
Cyndi O'Meara
Nutritionist, Australia

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